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"My energy is being drained by my co-worker's behavior. How do I learn to deal with this?" This question leads in the coaching to the following assignment:
= Analyze your irritation and let's see if you recognize a common thread.
Irritation can be a mirror to self-reflection. 

The Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung and also author Hermann Hesse have explained why other people irritate us so much. This is conveyed in quotes from the two:
'If you hate a person, you hate something in him /her that is part of yourself.'
'What isn’t part ourselves doesn’t disturb us. '
"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.'

This is not to say that other people don’t behave immorally and that our judgment about such behavior is completely unfounded. What Hesse and Jung are getting at is that our emotional reaction – be it irritation or hatred – to perceived weaknesses in others reflects something going on inside of us.
It is not the person or the behavior which bothers us, but our reaction to it. We can use this reaction as a tool for self-reflection, to find out why this hatred and irritation exists.
Being irritated by someone else can be used as an opportunity to closely examine our reaction; to see what it reveals about our shadow, and ultimately, ourselves.