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While reading the book Hidden Potential by Adam Grant I want to share with you what he describes as Action for Impact on building a team.

 Unearth collective intelligence in teams

  • Transform groups into teams; Collective intelligence depends on cohesion. - aligning a team around shared responsibilities for a meaningful mission. When people believe they need one another to succeed in reaching an important goal, they become more than the sum of their parts.
  • Choose leaders based on pro-social skills. Instead of promoting babblers and ball hogs, elevate people who put their mission above their ego. And prioritize team cohesion over personal glory. When teams are eager to contribute, the most effective leader is not the loudest talker, but the best listener.
  • Shift from brainstorming to brainwriting. For more balanced participation and better solutions before you meet a group, have people generate and evaluate ideas independently. Once all the ideas are on the table and all the voices are in the room, have the group select and refine the most promising possibilities.

  • Replace the corporate ladder with a lattice system. Instead of leaving it up to a single boss to shoot down suggestions, give people multiple paths to speak up. If people can go to more than one leader, a single no can’t kill an idea- and a single yes can be enough to save it.