images.pngCoaching leads sometimes to leaving the current job and starting a new job. I am always excited when people make a shift when they realize they are not being appreciated, or not being intellectually challenged, burned or bored out,  or expected to work too many hours.

But finding a new job can be a challenge

Starting a new job is even more challenging. Especially when you have a couple of years of experience. The first month is exciting and in the second month, we are starting to dought if we have made the right choice.

One reason why the new job may feel wrong is that there are elements you feel unprepared for. Of course, you don’t know the policies and procedures of the new workplace, and it will take time to get acclimated and learn the rules in the new culture. Research on transitions identifies 4 areas a new employee must adapt:

1) Physical

2) Behavior

3) Relational

4) Psychological


So if you have a new coworker that started recently? 

Check-in on how they're doing. 

Ask about their transition. 

3 simple questions that can help guide your conversation:


- What's been the best part of your new role?

- What has been challenging?

- How can I help you?


Remember, it can take 6-12 months for a new employee to fully assimilate into a new role and organization.

 Who should you check in with today?



Check out Sarah Wittman's research and article in the Harvard Business Review.