face-255283_960_720.jpgI hear from many new clients that the pandemic made them think about their next step.
Working every day online, made it so clear to some of them, that they were bored with their job and that working in the office had in the last years distracted them from realizing this:
“The colleagues I work with are really fun.” 
“My boss really appreciates what I am doing”
“I was busy with pleasing others and realize now that I was not developing myself anymore.”
“I have online been listening more critical to my manager and realized that he drains my energy” 
If you feel this also this it is the time to prepare yourself for the job market prepare the following:

1. Reflect on yourself.
Why did I get into higher education? What is it about this industry/company that makes me want to stay? 
Why do I do tasks that drain my energy?
Why do I not change my way of working when it is dysfunctional?
2. Future mapping
If I would meet you in 5 years what would you like to be saying to me what you are doing?
Mapping can also be a mood board, colors/ pictures /words.
3. Update your CV-Resumé
Make it personal so the reader becomes interested in you.
4. Make a list of your network contacts.
To whom would you like to talk to ask them about their job/ company/branch?