My client was a Stay-at-Home mom for 7 years. She doubted if she could go back into the job market, working at the same level as she did when she  left it.  Her doubts were mostly based on assumptions and not based on reality checks.

After following the 6 steps she re-framed her profile and curriculum and through her networking she found the right job for the time being. Sometimes certain situations require shifts in our careers: If you have lost your job, or you decide to stay home with the children for a couple of years. Or you want to take care of somebody or it was time to take care of yourself.

  1. Reframe the situation; even if you’re not advancing through work, you’re still advancing in other areas at home. 
  2. Find learning opportunities. What subjects are still triggering your curiosity? 
  3. Push back against standard options and assumptions.
  4. Write down small goals and steps in a plan. 
  5. Use small amounts of time toward your goals. e.g. Every morning ten minutes. 
  6. Share your thoughts with people to help you reflect.