I am, like most of you, working from home. I "tele-coach". It works well. I should be relaxed but I feel restless/anxious. I find that the most difficult part of this pandemic is the uncertainty we are all facing. Uncertainty about our health. Uncertainty about how long we have to stay home. Uncertainty about our future plans. Uncertainty about our jobs. Uncertainty about the economy. What to do?
First, it’s important to understand that fear is a basic human mechanism. It helps us survive. But fear mixed with uncertainty can lead to something quite bad for our mental health: anxiety. And when anxiety is spread by social contagion it can lead to panic.
Taking a mindful pause works by keeping the thinking parts of our brains “online” so we can help rather than hinder. Taking a moment to pause in stressful situations, whether that means you take three deep breaths or simply pay attention to the feeling in not-anxious parts of your body (like your feet or your hands), helps ground you in calmer emotions. 
Breath and ask yourself: What do I need to do this hour? 

HBR: Judson Brewer