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" My head is full of thoughts.  My mind is constantly occupied. "  My advice is to keep a journal.

Expressive writing is a tool through which we describe our most profound thoughts and feelings about emotional events. Instead of neutral writing in which we describe the facts and the event more objectively without the emotions that we felt.

Based on research (James Pennebaker), an expressive writing protocol can help us to cope better with emotions and relationships. 

  •  Expressive writing improves job satisfaction, encourages the use of adaptive coping strategies, and reduces emotions and negative relationships;
  • Benefits, coping strategies, emotions, relationships, and job satisfaction are greater in subjects who use expressive writing than those who use neutral writing;
  • The use of expressive writing increases the number of positive words, reducing the presence of negative affectivity. The texts derived in this study were noted at the beginning and end of the expressive writing sessions. According to the Pennebaker model, during writing sessions, there is a reduction in words with negative emotional significance and an increase in those with positive meaning.