profile.jpgA study revealed that on average recruiters spend 8.8 seconds looking at your CV. So, rather than letting your CV get lost in this ‘Tinderised’ process, you should give them a reason to read on. I give my clients the following assignment: Write in 6 -7 sentences about work that excites you and why tasks match your personality. Describe your added value. Do not repeat what you already mentioned in your CV. Make sure the profile has your "color and signature". Be honest. Let your best friends read it and see if they would have said the same about you. Do not be afraid to mention your preferences. Mention the culture and the kind of company you are looking for. FI; International/ small/working with professionals/
Also mention what you would like to learn and what still makes you curious. Here is an example of one of my clients:


A dynamic organization with challenges in the area of customer experience is what I am looking for. I analyze quickly and suggest solutions. I like to with connect with people because I am empathic and I am curious what drives others.I am not afraid of conflicting situations. I like to take responsibility but also give responsibility. I dare to decide and have in addition a clear, open and direct communication style. I have more an eye for creativity than for details.I am analytical, entrepreneurial, decisive, people manager, and no-nonsense in my working style. I use my humor and self-mockery to manage myself and others.