Do you want to improve your own awareness and develop your potential? With Personal Coaching, the focus lies on improving your identity, developing your potential and enhancing your overall quality of life. Clients have asked me the following questions.:
"I want to improve my personal effectiveness; I am blocking my own growth; collaboration is not running smoothly; managing costs too much energy; I experience stress from a work-life imbalance or from my own insecurity ."

We address the following areas:

  • Self-analysis: “why do I do what I do?”
  • What is/is not functioning?
  • What do I need to/and how will I change?
  • What makes me stand out?
  • Where do I waste my energy?
  • Where lies my growth potential?
  • Who (or what) tempts me back to my old behaviour?
  • How do I keep focus and direction?


Goal: Personal effectiveness, growth, energy

Time: 4- 7 sessions of 90 minutes

Costs:  For companies: €1.400 to €2.200

For private clients: I offer a Tailor-made price proposal.

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The result

A better self-awareness that results in greater relaxation/energy/oversight/power/ direction and self-confidence. An improved work-life balance!