Are you confronted with career related challenges? Do you want coaching on a proactive and preventative level. Are you expat and do you want to learn about how to get a job on the Dutch market, Dutch style CV? Clients have asked me the following questions:

“I am ready for the next career step; I do not know what I want, what I can; I am thinking of starting my own business; I have a general mis-matches employer-employee relationship. I am expat and want to know how to approach the Dutch market.”

We address the following areas:

  • Personal preference test (MBTI)
  • What distinguishes me?
  • How do I label myself?
  • In which environment do I thrive the most?
  • How do I take the next (career) step?
  • How do I present myself? Elevator pitch!
  • What is my network and how do I use this?
  • How do I make the right choice (i.e. employment agreement)?


Goal: next career step, starting my own business

Time: 5 sessions of 90 minutes

Costs: €1.575

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The Result

A better understanding of your own talent and career motivations /clearer and more succinct view of the next step/new job/new opportunities/interim role vs. employment.