Leadership coaching is focussed on the process of social influence, where an individual enlists the support from others, in order to meet goals/objectives. Clients have asked me the following questions:
“I want to: develop my influencing skills; develop my organisational sensitivity; employ more authenticity in my leadership style; move from tactical to strategic management; move from directive to more coaching and situational leadership”.

We address the following areas:

  • What sort of leader/manager do I want to be?
  • What is my preferred leadership style?
  • Inventory of functional and dysfunctional working relationships
  • Which situation or person do I find the most stressful?
  • How do I deal with conflict?
  • How do I profile myself as a leader?
  • How does my future look?


Goal: leadership, influencing skills, organisational sensitivity

Time: 5 - 7 sessions of 90 minutes

Costs: €1.575 – € 1.925

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The result

More authentic leadership/greater clarity on current position/better focus on future prospects; improved self-confidence.