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We’ve all heard of introverts and extroverts, but what if you feel like you’re a little of both? You might be a third personality type—an ambivert—and it can give you an edge in business.

 "Introversion versus extroversion is all about where you get energy, not how social you are, which is often confused," says Todd Hall, professor of psychology at Biola University. "These are broad categories, and the reality is there is a continuum of introversion to extroversion. So the people who fall in the middle are not easily categorized as an introvert or an extrovert, and we have this ‘special breed’ combination of ambiverts."

If you are energized by intimate conversations, writing, solitude, focusing deeply on a topic without interruption, and working on your own, but you’re also energized by large groups, working with others, processing by talking through things, staying busy, and multitasking, you’re most likely an ambivert, says Hall. Listening and talking in balance makes excellent managers.