It was an educational and inspiring year for me. Thanks to everyone with whom I could share this.
= The average age of my clients decreased.
= The demand for work-life balance increased.
= The demand for team leadership versus management increased.
= Equivalence.
= Less personalizing work
= Dealing with resistances without involving yourself and dealing with authority if you are sensitive to it.
We have regularly drawn the following conclusion:

 "Work is an exchange of skills / knowledge and learning en development opportunities.
You have already made that exchange with the application and you do not have to prove it. Then it is no longer an exchange. You are, you can and you know! Keep tuning whether the exchange is still correct.
What makes you keep doing something when it is dysfunctional, when you get tired of it or when you get irritated?
Irritation and disappointment are not about the other person but are about us; f.i. when we forgot to check the mutual expectations.
Dare to change if the role no longer fits you. 
Allow yourself an inspiring working environment. "

I look forward to the coming year.

Love from Tineke.