I have learned to fulfil the full majority I have!
I have taken a lot out of our sessions, not least a greater sense of confidence and the ability to walk tall.
I am ready for my next step.

I needed to challenge myself more. What is my next stage, how do I develop myself more? I also liked to learn to be less emotional. Tineke suggested and proposed to focus more on myself not the rest of the world. She showed me different ways of looking at the issues, stop blaming the others. She helped me to find in myself what I really like and that helped me to grow within the company.

" With the guidance of Tineke I learned new insights about myself. I managed to understand better how my own mind works and thus make changes in order to improve in my carrier and personal life. Going through the sessions was easy as she was able to create an environment of understanding and acceptance. The entire process can get heavy, as you have to be willing to dig in your past and be true to yourself but with the help of Tineke, it was smooth and pleasant. The sessions have changed my entire perspective on life and work, helped find a better balance, work on my strengths and weaknesses. As a result, I became a better version of myself and I am more aware and willing to keep on working on improving. I warmly recommend her, she is a great coach and person. "

"This coach is strongly recommended, especially if you aren't really sure what you're looking to find out. A personal and pleasant touch makes the coaching sessions fly by, but they never felt like they were rushed for time. Tineke takes her time to make you understand before offering any bit of insights.

Throughout the coaching program, which happened to be during a very difficult burn-out period, I experienced enormous support. I learned a great deal through working with a coach who dealt with my issues warmly, personally, and professionally.